Metal Roofing

Metal Panel Systems

The Arizona Foam & Spray Metal Division team has more than two decades of experience and can recommend and expertly install the right roofing system for your business.

Arizona Foam & Spray offers metal roofing options from leading manufacturers including Fabral, Custom Bilt Metals, Berridge, AEP Span, and ATAS International. The versatility of metal roofing, downspouts and guttering affords uncompromised design flexibility and freedom of expression.

This high quality and energy efficient roofing system offers cool metal roofing products that are ENERGY STAR® qualified coated with a Kynar 500® PVDF, Fluropon®, or Hylar 5000® PVDF finish in a large variety of colors. These roof products reflect up to 70% of the sun’s energy and save up to 20% on cooling costs.

Whether your building plans include standing seam, corrugated metal roof, batten seam, or any other of the many metal roof options, Arizona Foam & Spray can provide the roofing right product for your building and industry.

Commercial Metal Roofing

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Downspouts & Gutters

Arizona Foam & Spray can provide downspouts and guttering for any commercial need.

Channeling water off of your building and away from your foundation is the main goal of a properly installed gutters and downspouts. Puddling and standing water can lead to foundation sinking and erosion issues, as well as attracting subterranean termites.

Arizona Foam & Spray can custom build just about anything your project requires. We offer products from all of the top brands, including options in copper, aluminum, and steel.


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Service & Maintenance

In addition to offering a variety of metal panel systems, Arizona Foam & Spray is also available for all of your service and maintenance needs.

Once installed, a metal roofing system is incredibly low upkeep requirements and will only need periodic service and maintenance. Typically, a metal roof will need to have all the seams and joints re-caulked when the system is 10 to 15 years old. Contact us today to have your complimentary maintenance inspection.

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Specification & Engineering

Standing Seam:

AEP Span- Architectural Roof & Wall Products

AEP Span- Design Span

AEP Span- Klip Rib

AEP Span- Multi Lok

AEP Span- Span Lok

AEP Span- Systems Roof and Wall

Atas- Dutch Seam

Atas- Eco Seam

Berridge- M and R Panels

Berridge- High Seam Tee Panel

Berridge- Zee Lock

Berridge- Tee Panel

Custom-Bilt – CS100

Custom-Bilt – CB100

Custom-Bilt – CB150

Custom-Bilt – CB2000

Fabral- MP Panel

Fabral- Prime Rib

Fabral- ProClad

Fabral- Standing Seam Panels- General

Fabral- StrongClad

Batten Seam:

AEP Span- Select Seam

Atas- Monarch Panel

Atas- PC Snap On System


Atas- 1″ Field Lok

Atas- 1.5″ Field Lok

Atas- 2″ Field Lok


Berridge- Cee Lock

Custom-Bilt – SL100

Custom-Bilt – SL150

Custom-Bilt – SL150

Custom-Bilt – SLZ1000


Berridge- Curved Tee Panel

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Color Charts

AEP Span – Standard

AEP Span – Premium




Special order colors may also be available.

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