Service & Maintenance

Quik-Shield spray foam roofing has a service life of more than 40 years and that life can be extended with proper care and maintenance, including annual inspections and recoating when needed.

Roof Maintenance

Arizona Foam & Spray recommends annual roof inspections and inspections after heavy storms to ensure roofs remain in peak condition Over 90% of roof leaks and system failures occur at the roof detail; a wall, metal edges, drains, and other roof-mounted equipment. Proper identification of these problems in a timely manner is essential to preventing replacement and extending the life of your roof. Begin your roof maintenance program by:

  • Retaining a record of your roof’s maintenance services with your contractor and a second copy up on the roof (out of the weather in a roof hatch, for example).
  • Keeping a checklist of conditions to look for during inspections and creating a reference file outlining what was and was not observed.
  • Scheduling routine inspections and maintenance work to prolong the life of your roof system and, reveal areas that have the potential to create costly repairs if not corrected.

Arizona Foam & Spray offers a 40-point inspection to ensure proper care and maintenance of your roofing system. Your inspection comes with a customized report detailing our annual maintenance recommendations based on your unique roofing needs. If roof problems do occur, Quik-Shield roofing spray foam can be sprayed in place as a liquid to expand and fill cracks and crevices. After it cures, it forms a hard durable monolithic roof surface. It can often even be applied over conventional roofs to solve problems with alligatoring, blistering, and single-ply delamination.

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Roof Leaks

Leaks often occur with single-ply and built-up roof systems because it’s hard to completely seal joints, fasteners, and seams. 40% of these conventional roofs have serious problems within 1 year. And, when leaks occur, it is very difficult to pinpoint the problem location. Quik-Shield spray foam roof systems create a seamless, monolithic surface. Spray foam provides self-flashing around HVAC curbs, vents, and skylights, adding additional protection against leaks, moisture, and air infiltration.

  • 97.6% of spray foam roofs do not leak at an average of 10 years
  • No mechanical fasteners or seams
  • Often, spray foam systems can be applied over existing problem roof
  • Easy to apply proper slope to drain without any additional cost of labor and materials
  • Minimizes ponding

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Arizona Foam & Spray offers full-term contractor warranties up to 20 years. Few other contractors offer full-term contractor warranties because they haven’t been in business long enough to gain the trust needed in a contractor warranty. Most contractors only have 2 year workmanship warranties, with an additional manufacturer warranty on top of it. Often the contractor and manufacturer will try to shift blame and these warranties will may even require you to pay for a representative of the manufacturer to come out for an inspection, which can become very expensive.

Arizona Foam & Spray takes full responsibility of our roofs and we have the guaranteed backing of our product manufacturer on all warranties.

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Reroof Projects

Your building’s roof is not designed to last forever, no matter if it’s single-ply, built-up, or spray foam. Every roof has an end of lifecycle, so it’s important to choose a good solution when it’s time to reroof your building.

Arizona Foam & Spray has over 45 years of experience in spray foam roofing for both new and existing buildings. We understand roofs and can help you achieve the best results. Contact us today for a full consultation on your roof and the benefits and services we can provide for your building.

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