43rd Avenue Spec
   Phoenix, AZ

Owner: Kansas City Light Insurance Company
General Contractor: Sun State Builders
Project Size: 315,735 square feet
Products: Quik-Shield 125 2.5 Roofing Foam, Quik-Shield 1929F Acrylic Coating
System Benefit: $30,000 annual energy savings

This enormous warehouse, located in southwest Phoenix, is roughly the size of five and a half football fields. Arizona Foam & Spray was brought in to spray 1″ of Quik-Shield 125 2.5lb roofing foam over the plywood deck, followed by 2 coats of Quik-Shield 1929F acrylic roof coating. The immense project took 120,000 pounds of foam, 10,000 gallons of coating, and 60 days to complete.

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Anasazi Elementary School
   Scottsdale, AZ

Owner: Scottsdale Unified School District
Project Size: 40,000 square feet
Products: 24 gauge, standing seam single lock panel roof with Kynar 500 paint

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Aurora Village
   Youngtown, AZ

Project Size: 13,269 square feet
Products: Quik-Shield 125 2.8 roofing foam, Quik-Shield 2020 cementitious roof coating
System Benefit: lower predictable energy expenses and roof maintenance costs

Aurora Village is a three story, Spanish style building featuring one and two bedroom apartment homes for seniors aged 62. Ensuring low building costs and a longer roof life-span is why this new construction had original specifications for a foam roof. The low slope roof system had parapet walls, with the foam all the way to top edge of the parapet. In addition, the roof was between 75 and 80 percent covered in photovoltaic panels. Spray foam was the perfect product to apply around all of the equipment supports and roof penetrations, to ensure the roof would be leak free for years to come.

Arizona Foam & Spray was recognized for this project by the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) as a 2014 project finalist of the National Industry Excellence Awards in the Roof Foam less than 40,000 square feet category.

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Cactus Park
   Scottsdale, AZ

Owner: City of Scottsdale
Project Size: 10,000 square feet
Products: 16 ounce copper, standing seam single lock panel roof with patina

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Concord Place
   Phoenix, AZ

Project Size: 6,000 square feet
Products: Brass dome roof with patina